One of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is “How can I get my dog to sop barking?” First we need to determine WHY the dog is barking. I put barking into two categories. The first category is purposeful barking, the second category being nuisance barking. Let’s define what those mean to me.

Let’s first look at purposeful barking. That to me means that the dog is barking for a REASON. That reason may be frustration, the doorbell, a delivery person, someone or something moving through or past the property, or even the joy of their owner returning home. Whatever it may be the dog has a reason they are barking and therefore that barking can be quieted.

Now when I speak of nuisance barking, this is when the dog is barking for NO REASON at all. This type of barking often needs a different form of training and can even require a strong correction to teach the dog to only bark when necessary.

I will only speak of how to deal with the purposeful barker here. If you have a nuisance barker, please contact me, and we can work one on one to help resolve your problem.

There are many ways to deal with the barking dog. My favorite way is to teach the dog a cue that lets them know you want them to stop barking. You can use any word you want to be your “stop barking” cue. Just be mindful that if you have yelled or even spoken a word such as stop, no, quite, shush etc. you will want to find a new word that you can teach appropriately to the dog that will have the meaning that you want. Remember we always want to be mindful of our verbiage and that we can only expect the dog to respond to a cue if we have first taught them what that cue means. I will speak more in depth of the meaning of cues and the difference between a cue and command in future posts.

If you are experiencing a problem with your dog barking and would like to learn how to quiet them by putting a cue to it, please contact me for an appointment. I can be reached by phone at 623-888-6411 or you can schedule a consultation or appointment at