Learn More About Our Pet Trainer Dani Kerr

Having been around pets all my life, I found my calling in the pet industry. Growing up, I always found myself working with animals and loving every minute of it. Originally from California, in college, I studied Animal Husbandry and found myself working for a veterinary supply company. Wanting to do more with actual pets, I changed my career path to focus more in the clinical setting. Having several contacts in the business, I have worked for animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, pet training, clinic management, and grooming for several California businesses.

Through this experience, I truly found my calling in dog training. Over time, I have obtained certificates for basic and advanced training techniques, behavior modification, animal care, pet first aid, and many more! Naturally, many of my past clients utilized my services and I built a very successful business in California. Looking to the future, in 2017, my partner and I decided to relocate to Arizona. We moved to the Surprise area because of the beautiful weather and amazing community! With that said, Gooddog Dog Training, LLC was born in Surprise, AZ!

We are currently accepting new clients so if you think you and your dog could use some education and training, give us a call!

Vrijheid’s Bright Star Rising

Star is the newest addition to the Gooddog family! He is a Dutch Shepard, born February 2019 from Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds in Seattle, WA.

Right now, he is enjoying learning his manners and just being a puppy! When he grows up, he will be a Search & Rescue – Human Remains Detection Canine.


Nick is a Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix. He is approximately 8 years old now. I adopted him as an adult from Border Collies In Need, a breed specific rescue out of San Pedro Calif., so we only have a guess at his age.

He is a certified Search and Rescue K-9, specializing in live find. He is also trained as an assistance dog.

Nick is a very active pup. One of his favorite things is to play fetch/catch with his many toys, and he will try to coax anyone he can find into a game.